Research and Journalism

A themed collection of research and journalism produced by the project since 2003:



HIV/AIDS and the Media Project (2010) How healthy is our news? The state of health reporting in South Africa. A discussion forum publication.


HIV/AIDS and the Media Project (2009) Sex, soaps and sensationalism. Multiple and concurrent partnerhips in the South African popular media. A discussion forum publication.

Addison, Claire (2004) Living and dying with AIDS. HIV/AIDS Indaba, World Aids Day special issue.

Duncan, Catharine (2008) HIV in the print media: A comparative and retrospective print media monitoring analysis. Unpublished research.

HIV/AIDS and the Media Project (2006) Covering sex and the epidemic: A comparative look at HIV/ADS reportage in the US and South Africa. A discussion forum publication.

Finlay, Alan (2004) Shaping the conflict: Factors influencing the representation of conflict around HIV/AIDS policy in the South African press. Comminicare 23.2, 68-93.

Finlay, Alan (2003) Media helped win the drugs fight. Star, 6 January, 2004.



HIV/AIDS and the Media Project (2006) Engaging Editors: Notes from a dialogue on reporting a pandemic. Discussion forum publication.

Krüger, Franz (2005) Aids, News, views and journalism. The Star 2 February 2005.

Krüger, Franz (2005) Ethical Journalism in a time of AIDS. African Journal of AIDS Research 2005, 4(2).

HIV/AIDS and the Media Project (2005) Secrets and Lies? The ethics of HIV/AIDS reporting in South Africa. Discussion forum publication.

Ridgard, Natalie and Spurr, Nicola (2005) Sustaining the coverage. Rhodes Journalism Review, 25 November 2005.

Garson, Philippa (2005) The Nevirapine controversy & the media. HIV/AIDS Indaba, April 2005, Edition 4.

HIV/AIDS and the Media Project (2005) Covering Sex and the Epidemic. A comparative look at HIV/AIDS reportage in the US and South Africa. A discussion forum publication.

Jooste, Ida (2003) Desperate people rely on HIV to get money. The Sunday Independent.




HIV&AIDS Media Project (2012) Homos don't make headlines. A discussion forum publication.

Brummer, Willemien (2010) Nie 'n hond se siek. By, 6 November 2010.

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Dlamini, Thabisile (2010) Hope dies with him. [Un]covering Men: Rewriting masculinity and health in South Africa. August 2012.

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Tshemese, Mtheto (2010) Testing the new mercedes. Originally published as 'Gangsterism in the bush', Saturday Dispatch, 26 June 2010.

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Van Zyl, Pieter (2010) My Crusade Against HIV. Drum Magazine, 7 January 2010.

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Garson, Philippa (2005) Men behaving positively. Sunday Times, 12 June 2005.

Garson, Philippa (2005) HIV-positive men come to terms with their status. IRIN Plus News, 7 June 2005.




The HIV/AIDS and the Media Project (2005) Baby Steps: Reporting on the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission if HIV (PMTCT).A discussion forum publication.

Garson, Philippa (2005) Voices of mothers on preventing HIV transmission. IRIN Plus News, 11 April 2005.

Spurr, Nicola (2005) Is childbirth an absolute right? Mail and Guardian, 1-8 April 2005.



Garson, Philippa (2005) Don’t forget girls like to have sex, sometimes skin to skin. The Sunday Independent, 12 June, 2005.




Garson, Philippa (2005) Challenging stigma by living positively with HIV. IRIN Plus News, 21 June 2005.

Garson, Philippa (2005) Fear of stigma still prevents disclosure. IRIN Plus News, 13 June 2005.