Essential HIV Information


Epidemic Demystified

Here we explain the most basic details of HIV and AIDS, explaining the difference between the two conditions. More indepth information is also provided on HIV transmission, progression and testing among other things.




This section outlines and explores various methods of HIV prevention from the more 'garden variety' condoms to the lesser known pre-exposure prophylaxis.




ARVs are currently the best way to control, treat and even reverse the effects of HIV infection. This section includes information on ARVs and how they work, treatment in South Africa and information on the treatment of tuberculosis.



Gender and HIV

This section includes information on the connections between gender, sexuality and HIV. It covers women, men and HIV and details why men who have sex with men are at increased risk of HIV infection.



Myths and Misconceptions

Don't believe everything you read about HIV. This section of our website 'busts' a variety of HIV-related myths and misconceptions that continue to do the rounds in South Africa and elsewhere.