Weighty issue: The Star integrates HIV into obesity report

  • Kim Johnson - 19 October 2012

An article in The Star (18 October 2012) that examines obesity in South Africa takes HIV into account.

These days there are very few issues that aren’t coloured by South Africa’s HIV epidemic.

HIV has become an overarching contextual or background factor, which affects everything from service delivery and sanitation to gender inequality.

Media coverage has had to adapt by integrating HIV into reports that tackle other topics. As the HIV epidemic has become less ‘crisis’ and more ‘chronic’, HIV-focused stories decline and stories in which HIV is not a central issue but rather a related issue are on the increase.

This week The Star did a good job of integrating HIV into an article that focused on obesity in South Africa, briefly touching on how the epidemic might be one of the reasons behind expanding waistlines in South Africa.

According to the article many South Africans might choose to keep those extra kilos because it averts speculation about their HIV status.

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“the HIV epidemic has become less ‘crisis’ and more ‘chronic’”