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  • The Star - 30 October 2012

Bringing down an errant MEC, arrogant enough to use state funds to buy art from fast food franchise, McDonald's. Travelling deep into rural Mozambique to make sure a victim didn't die nameless.

These are just two examples of how far Star journalists will go to tell the story. Baldwin Ndaba, the Star's veteran reporter did just that with MEC Humphrey Mmemezi this year, through a painstaking investigation of his abuse of a state credit card not just to buy art from a fast food franchise, but also book into hotels round the corner from his house, buy groceries three days after he'd been paid his official salary and even stock up his wardrobe on official overseas trips.

Ndaba even had to take the unprecedented step of going onto a major radio station to refute the MEC's claims - complete with his dossiers of the full article

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